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Library Director

Plan and administer programs of library services.

What does a Library Director do?

Plans and administers program of library services: Submits recommendations on library policies and services to governing body, such as board of directors or board of trustees, and implements policy decisions. Analyzes, selects, and executes recommendations of personnel, such as department chiefs or branch supervisors. Coordinates activities of branch or departmental libraries. Analyzes and coordinates departmental budget estimates and controls expenditures to administer approved budget. Reviews and evaluates orders for books and audiovisual materials. Examines trade publications and materials, interviews publishers’ representatives, and consults with others to select materials. Administers personnel regulations, interviews and appoints job applicants, rates staff performance, and promotes and discharges employees. Plans and conducts staff meetings and participates in community and professional meetings to discuss and act on library problems. Delivers book reviews and lectures to publicize library activities and services. Provides library public relations services. May examine and select materials to be discarded, repaired, or replaced. May be designated according to governmental subdivision served as City-Library Director; County-Library Director.