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Library Clerk

Assist Librarians by checking out books and keeping the library tidy.

What does a Library Clerk do?

A Library Clerk is sometimes referred to as a Librarian Assistant or Library Assistant. These alternative names are actually very apt descriptions of the job because a Library Clerk’s main responsibility is to assist the Librarian. In this role, you do things like check books in and out, help people get library cards, and put away books. It’s your duty to perform the small, day-to-day tasks that keep the library up and running.

You focus on keeping the library clean and in good working order, doing things like tidying up the children’s area after story time, sending out letters detailing late fees, or making photocopies of an upcoming events schedule. You also answer basic questions about the library, either by phone or in person, and let people know when the library is about to close. You change out the magazines at the beginning of each month, put new paper in the printers, and keep track of who’s using the computers.

This is an entry-level position, and many who take it do so while they’re still in school, or because they’re hoping to gain some experience while getting their Master’s in Library Science. It doesn’t take any specific education or experience to get the job, and some Library Clerks are in fact high school students. You can move up into a higher position, but this usually requires a higher degree.