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Level Designer



Create the scenery and other elements of individual game levels.

What does a Level Designer do?

A Level Designer creates the various stages found within a video game. This is a somewhat new field, as only recently have video games become complex enough to warrant artistic Designers for individual levels. However games have now evolved to the point where a level is more than just a monster to conquer or princess to save; each level is a technical and artistic production that carries the user into a different realm of imagination.

As a Level Designer, you create these levels and all of the art, scenery, and challenges that go into them. This makes a requirement of a mix of technical ability and artistic vision when you’re a Level Designer, and makes you responsible for all aspects of user experience in your particular level.

You begin by sketching out main points of the level, modeling its environment, and placing characters within this environment. In this process you differentiate between static elements, such as background trees, and the parts a player will interact with, such as doors and keys. You then lay the pathways where characters will travel, and build in the choice options that open up at pivotal points.

To do all this you must have a good grasp of computer graphics and game flow: Understanding of these matters supports your development of the plot and progression in the level, and your creation of the visual aesthetics that make the progression intriguing.

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