Lens Fabricating Machine Tender

Tend bench machines that generate, grind, or polish ophthalmic lenses.

What does a Lens Fabricating Machine Tender do?

Tends one or more bench machines that generate, grind, edge, or polish ophthalmic lenses and precision optical elements: Mounts blocked element in machine holding device. Verifies machine settings or adjusts machines for variables, such as speed, machining time, and flow rate of abrasive or coolant. Starts machine that automatically generates, grinds, polishes, or edges optical element. Removes element after specified machining time, rinses element in water, and measures to verify specified dimensions of element, using micrometer, caliper, dial gauge, and shadowgraph. May deblock and clean element in degreasing tank. May be designated according to fabricating process or type lens fabricated as Contact-Lens-Curve Grinder; Contact-Lens-Edge Buffer; Fusion-Juncture Grinder; Lens-Edge Grinder, Machine; Lens-Generating-Machine Tender; Multifocal-Button Countersink Grinder.