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Lending Manager

Control the process of granting loans at a company's lending department.

What does a Lending Manager do?

Lending Managers serve as the head watchdogs who ensure that a company’s lending department–the section of workers in charge of giving out loans–doesn’t hand out too many loans at once. In an area where money comes and goes in a flash, it takes a true leader to balance the books. As a Lending Manager, you find the sweet spot between granting too few loans and granting too many.

Each workday finds you reviewing current records and loans to calculate how much the lending department has given customers. While customers never want to be turned down, they also appreciate how quickly your staff reaches a decision. Without you keeping a watchful eye on the department, loan applications would disappear for months into growing mountains of paperwork.

When you’re not reviewing current loan records, you meet with staff to brainstorm how to improve business. It’s not just about how many loans you grant, but also how many people pay them back. Lowering the interest rate on a particular type of loan, for example, might encourage customers to pay their bills on time. That way, both the bank and its clients end up prospering.

At the end of the day, no one can deny you run a tight ship. While each member of your department focuses on clients, you look at the big picture. Where is your company financially? Do you need more clients or are you full up? Only you can answer these questions, and that skill spells out your success as a Lending Manager.