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Lehr Tender

Tend lehrs that anneal flat glassware to relieve internal stresses.

What does a Lehr Tender do?

Tends automatic or semiautomatic lehrs that anneal flat glass or glassware to relieve internal stresses or to fuse painted designs on glassware: Observes gauges and turns controls to start exhaust fans, to ignite burners, and to regulate lehr temperatures, speed of lehr conveyors, and draft rates. Observes annealed glass for splits, cracks, breaks, and color that indicate improper lehr settings or for fusing of paint to glass. Loads or unloads glass entering or leaving lehr by hoisting flat glass with vacuum-cupped crane or by manually placing glassware on and removing from lehr conveyor. Packs annealed glass by placing flat glass in crates, using vacuum-cupped crane, or inserting glassware in cartons. Maintains record of glass annealed and packed. May adjust height of lehr entranceway curtain to accommodate containers of specific height. May tend hot- or cold-end spray equipment used to coat glassware with surface hardener. May change conveyor gears to alter speed of conveyor and replace defective burners, using handtools.