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Legal Writing Professor

Teach university students about legal writing.

What does a Legal Writing Professor do?

Legal writing is very different from other forms of writing. Each statement must be backed up with a reference, and the method of notating those references is specific to legal writing. The style is often academic, and a bit stiff and formal. And many unusual terms are sprinkled in for good measure.

In other words, it would be very difficult to master this form of writing without a Legal Writing Professor to help you out.

When you’re a Legal Writing Professor, you likely work with students who are well on their way to becoming Lawyers. These students may be accustomed to being at the top of their classes, and you must remind them to stop interrupting with corrections when other students are speaking. You must also get all of your facts straight when you talk with them when you’re a Legal Writing Professor, as they may consider arguing to be a valid hobby.

You perform lectures, and ask your students to read examples of good legal writing. You also give them writing assignments so they can test their skills. When it’s time to check those assignments, you pour yourself a strong cup of coffee, stock up on your red pens, and correct the errors. You’ll be picky but firm as you grade papers.

You may adjust your lecture speed or style if you find that your students continue to make the same mistakes. You’ll be graded on how well your students perform, so you want them to succeed.

At the end of the course, you give each student a grade. You spend time in your office after the grades are published so you can console students who haven’t passed your challenging course.