Legal Nurse Consultant

Use your medical knowledge to inform lawyers or courts in medical cases.

What does a Legal Nurse Consultant do?

When handling medical lawsuits, Trial Lawyers rely on the expert advice of someone who works in the field of medicine. And this expert is oftentimes a Legal Nurse Consultant. As a Legal Nurse Consultant, you explain to Lawyers how medical procedures work, review medical histories, interview patients, and generally serve as the Lawyers’ guide through the workings of the medical system.

Legal Nurse Consultants are Rns or Registered Nurses. You can either take on this job full-time after years of hospital work, or do it as a sideline while still working in a hospital. Either way, you need to rely on your experience with patients and the healthcare system, so it’s not really a job you can take directly out of nursing school.

You help out in medical-related cases of all kinds-anything from malpractice to worker’s comp, elder health to fraud cases. Sometimes, you serve as an expert witness, giving testimony during trials about the way things work in a hospital, or how a disease progresses.

However, you work behind the scenes for the most part. You interview clients, find other expert witnesses, organize medical charts, explain medical research, and check for tampering in medical histories. Law offices, government agencies, insurance companies, and consulting firms are all examples of places where you can find work in this field.