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Legal Investigator

Gather evidence to support a Defense Lawyer's case.

What does a Legal Investigator do?

Legal Investigators work as the right hand to Defense Lawyers and the accused. Their job is to investigate the circumstances around the accusation and build a case in favor of the client. Legal Investigators gather evidence, interview witnesses, and complete paperwork.

Being a Legal Investigator means that you understand every letter of the law when it comes to admitting all types of evidence and testimony into a court of law. That means you take photos in a way that makes them admissible in court. When you interview Policemen or Policewomen, you ask questions in a way that’s acceptable to the court. The same goes for gathering fingerprints, acquiring information from “sources,” or obtaining a sworn statement.

Paperwork is a major component of the job. First of all, you must be able to take accurate notes when performing an interview. Secondly, the notes must be legible, legal, and accessible. That means you often tote a laptop around, enter notes using proper form, and forward information to your client in a timely manner.

Reports are another part of your paperwork load. They must be accurate and professional, so you spend many late nights crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s. After all, you don’t want a missed detail in your report to cost the Lawyer and the client their innocence.

Finally, you also complete many of the legal papers submitted to the court, such as affidavits, briefs, and appeals.