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Leather Worker

Punch holes, install rivets, and finish edges of leather products.

What does a Leather Worker do?

Punches holes, installs rivets, and finishes edges of leather products, such as holsters, rifle cases, and belts, using handtools: Marks holes in article, using template and marking pencil. Punches holes for rivets, snaps, or buttons, using hand punch. Fastens parts together, using rivets, stitching machine, needle and thread, or adhesive. Attaches eyelets and metal decorations to article, using hammer and punch. Cuts around edge of article to smooth edge, using knife. Brushes stain on cut edge to match color of article. Rubs finished article with damp cloth to clean leather and rubs paste wax on surface, using cloth, to produce shine. May emboss designs on leather surface. May be designated according to article fabricated or repaired as Holster Maker; Rifle-Case Repairer.