Leather Finisher

Touch up, restore and press leather goods to make them look brand new.

What does a Leather Finisher do?

Items made of leather can’t be thrown into the washing machine when they get dirty. Instead, they must be sent to a professional dry cleaning company. This is your workplace as a Leather Finisher. After the cleaning is through, you press and touch up the leather items, and prepare them for delivery to the customer.

Aside from dry cleaning companies, when you’re a Leather Finisher, you might also work for a large factory that makes leather goods. In any case, the leather items won’t look their best when you receive them. They might be impossibly wrinkled, or the nap on suede pieces might be matted. So you, the Leather Finisher, look them over closely, then put together a plan to restore them to their former glory.

You place each item on a large pressing machine and adjust the controls so the leather won’t be burned. You press a button, and the machine presses the item. You may repeat this step several times to get each side pressed.

If you cannot reach all parts of the item with your machine, you use a handheld iron to complete the pressing. If the item is made of suede, you use combs to pull up the nap.

Through your work, you’ll become familiar with the variety of ways leather can be damaged. You’ll cringe when you see people wearing leather clothing on rainy days, and you’ll have to stop yourself from scolding those who wear leather to wine-tasting parties.