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Leather Cutter

Lay out, mark, and cut leather or skins into parts for articles.

What does a Leather Cutter do?

Lays out, marks, and cuts leather or skins into parts for articles, such as holsters, belts, gun cases, garments and garment trim, surgical appliances, and paint roller covers, using leather knife or shears: Lays leather or skins on cutting table and positions pattern pieces on leather or skins to determine number of cuts. Marks outline of pattern on leather or skins, using pencil. Cuts around outline, using leather knife or shears. Turns screws on strap knife to adjust width of cut when cutting leather for rifle slings and gun case handles. Lays leather side on table, positions dies on leather to obtain maximum number of cuts from side, and strikes die with mallet to cut out part. May stack and tie cut pieces together. May cut parts with guillotine cutter. May punch holes in parts, using kick press.