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Leather Belt Maker

Tend machines that cut, punch, or staple parts to leather to make belts.

What does a Leather Belt Maker do?

Tends machines that cut, punch, rivet, or staple parts to leather to make apparel belts: Positions leather in machine. Starts machine, and depresses pedal to cut leather into specified strips for body of belt or belt loops. Places leather strip against guides in stapling or riveting machine or punch press. Depresses pedal to punch buckle or tongue holes in belt, shear and shape belt ends, staple belt loops onto belt, rivet buckle to belt, or attach snap fasteners to join parts. May be designated according to operation performed as Leather-Belt-Loop Cutter; Leather-Belt Puncher; Leather-Belt Shaper; or according to type of belt made as Leather-Cartridge-Belt Maker; Men’s Leather-Dress-Belt Maker; Women’s Leather-Belt Maker.