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Leasing Consultant

Show prospective home owners your company's properties for lease.

What does a Leasing Consultant do?

If you enjoy customer service work, being a Leasing Consultant may be the right fit for you. Typically employed by a residential property management company (apartment complexes, condominiums, or mobile homes), you show prospective tenants their prospective homes. Some Real Estate Brokers employ Leasing Consultants to work with rental properties, freeing other Agents to focus on showing and selling.

Even though your major responsibility is to show living spaces to potential renters, you’re also tasked with finding appropriate candidates for the properties. While the prospective tenant is, in a sense, interviewing your property to determine if it’s a perfect fit for them, you’re also interviewing candidates without them even realizing it. Just because an applicant wants to live in your apartment, it doesn’t mean that person should be trusted with the property.

To figure out whether or not to approve an application, you learn more about the prospective tenant’s current situation. Are they just moving? Did they buy too much stuff for the house?

You also determine the likelihood that they will pay the rent as agreed. If an application is approved, you’re responsible for maintaining accurate rental records for the new tenant.

You have administrative duties as well, which include filing paperwork, maintaining records for every tenant, and scheduling repairs when necessary. As the Leasing Consultant, you often serve as the link to management, listening to complaints and relaying them back to the owners.