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Leasing Agent

Show homes and apartments to qualified renters on behalf of the owners.

What does a Leasing Agent do?

In the real estate world, Leasing Agents are like Matchmakers. But instead of introducing someone to the love of their life, Leasing Agents find them the perfect apartment or office space to rent.

If this sounds a lot like the job of a Real Estate Agent, it is, except for one big thing: who you work for. Unlike Real Estate Agents who work for renters or buyers, as a Leasing Agent, you work for Landlords who own available space.

Landlords make money only when their buildings are occupied, which means you make money only when their buildings are occupied. So you spend your days looking for potential renters. And then when you find one, you show them your client’s buildings in hopes that they’ll find something they like.

The catch in this job is you don’t find just anyone. You need renters who pay their bills on time, won’t wreck a place, and, in general, are well behaved. If you keep finding people who are duds, you’ll soon find yourself out of work even if you consistently fill empty rentals.

The two areas of real estate you work in are commercial and residential. Commercial means places like office buildings or warehouses, while residential means apartments or houses.

This is a customer service job, so you want to make sure you have stunning communication skills, and are warm and polite to everyone. You spend your days convincing people you have the best rental for their needs, so you need to be someone they like and trust.