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Learning Strategist

Introduce new learning techniques to help struggling students succeed.

What does a Learning Strategist do?

Making it through a full school day can be rough for anyone. But for kids with learning disabilities, finishing each day’s classes can be especially challenging. As a Learning Strategist, you work with students to help them handle their issues and do better in school.

You can work with kids of all ages when you’re a Learning Strategist, from elementary all the way through college. The issues you deal with can be anything from ADHD to serious learning problems. For each kid, you create an individual learning plan that takes into account their disability and learning goals for that year. Your role as a Learning Strategist is to introduce them to the different resources the school has for their issue, and then find ways to make accommodations for them.

Say, for example, the student you’re working with has severe dyslexia. You might work with the Teacher to get the student extra test time, or have the student take the test in a different format. You collaborate with Teachers, School Administrators, school disability offices, and parents (when necessary) to get each student the help they need.

In this job, you also work one-on-one with students to give them the extra skills they need to handle their disabilities. This might mean teaching them things like how to manage time, study, take notes, or stay focused while working. You keep track of each student’s progress, and check in with them periodically throughout the year to make sure their work is improving. And as their goals change, you alter their learning plan to keep them challenged.