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Learning Disabilities Specialist

Formulate learning plans for college students with challenges.

What does a Learning Disabilities Specialist do?

As a Learning Disabilities Specialist, you work with college students who have disabilities, helping them take full advantage of their school’s resources and participate fully in their education. In collaboration with the students, their advisors, and other academic professionals, you help formulate an individualized “Student Accommodation Plan, ” as a Learning Disabilities Specialist. This document serves as the basis for evaluating each student’s progress towards their goals based on their unique abilities.

Compliance is very important when aiding and assisting individuals with disabilities. You need a good working knowledge of the federal, state, and local guidelines surrounding these people to be a good Learning Disabilities Specialist. Taking copious notes and making sure that all academic plans are made in accordance with proper laws and policies is vital.

Federal compliance is especially important in case students need to transfer to another college or university. Expect regular in-service training to stay abreast of developments in these areas, and also to improve performance in your department.

Working with these students is a labor of love. As a Learning Disabilities Specialist, you put in long hours helping to determine the best course of action for the students you serve. In addition to office hours and training, you’ll likely be called to attend department meetings, and may even serve in advisory boards. You may also be responsible for giving presentations to other departments about the importance of integrating students with learning disabilities, and how every Teacher can do their part to forward the school’s mission of learning for all.