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Leadership Coach



Train people to become effective leaders.

What does a Leadership Coach do?

Becoming a leader takes a lot of time and a lot of training. A Leadership Coach is the person in charge of managing that time and conducting that training.

As you can imagine, that’s no easy task. It’s not like the game “Follow the Leader,” where one person is chosen as a leader, and everyone else has to follow them around, doing everything they do.

As a Leadership Coach, sometimes known as an Executive Coach or a Leader Development Specialist, you do a lot more than that. Hired by companies that want to enrich their employees, train their Managers, and develop their executives, you’re paid to create, schedule, and deliver sessions, seminars, and workshops that teach people leadership skills, such as those associated with teambuilding, management, motivation, organization, and communication.

To do your job well as a Leadership Coach you must first develop a leadership philosophy: You must create your own vision for what makes an effective leader, as well as ideas about how to teach that vision to other people. After that, you spend your days marketing your leadership philosophy, designing educational programs that marry it with clients’ training objectives, then giving presentations that teach participants how to inspire, motivate, and manage other people.

Your presentations might include instructional lectures, roundtable discussions, group activities, or even written assignments and assessments. Your method can vary as long as your mission doesn’t: Your goal is to teach people to be more successful by being more effective — to turn followers into leaders.

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