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Lead Former

Tend a variety of machines that form and assemble electrical wire leads.

What does a Lead Former do?

Tends variety of machines that form and assemble electrical wire leads, performing any combination of following tasks: Reads work order to determine information, such as type and sequence of assembly and color-coded wire to use. Places coil in vise or clamping device of machine and depresses pedal or turns lever to close clamps which shape coil lead. Feeds wire into foot shear to cut wire leads to specified lengths. Scrapes ends of lead wires to remove insulation, using knife and scraper, or adjusts stop guides and feeds wire into pedal-operated wire stripping machine which strips insulation from wires. Dips stripped leads into tinning pot and inserts into wire brush machine to smooth surfaces. Strings specified number of plastic beads or slides cotton sleeving over end of wire to insulate field coil lead. Inserts end of lead wire into bullet press and depresses pedal to automatically position lugs on end of wire and to activate upper die which crimps lugs around end of lead. Wraps cut lengths of insulated wire together, using waxed cord to form cables. Positions lugs on wire leads by hand, prior to inserting assembly in press or crimping machine. May be designated according to task performed as Bead Stringer; Lead Tinner; Lugger; Sleever; Wire Cutter; Wire Stripper.