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Lead Caster

Cast lead storage battery parts, such as grids, connectors, and straps.

What does a Lead Caster do?

Casts lead storage battery parts, such as grids, connectors, posts, and straps: Installs specified type and size mold on bed of machine, using handtools. Loads lead bars or shovels pig lead or scrap lead into melting kettle. Ignites burner and sets controls to melt and heat lead to casting temperature. Coats or smokes faces of mold to prevent sticking, using spray gun or acetylene torch. Dips ladle into molten metal and pours metal into mold. Moves lever or strikes knock-out pins with mallet to open mold and release parts. Inspects parts for cracks, flash, or faulty molding, and adjusts temperature of kettle to correct defects. Trims edges of parts, using hand scraper or pedal-operated power shear. Cleans mold, using brush. May change mold inserts and adjust knock-out pins, using handtools and depth gauge. May position and manually hold one half of mold against other half, pour metal into mold, and separate mold parts and loosen castings, using soft mallet. May pour lead into molds held in radial arms of machine that brings molds to worker and discharges castings onto table. May sort and weigh parts. May be designated according to part cast as Grid Caster.