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Lead Burner

Burn lead and lead-alloy connections and build up storage-battery parts.

What does a Lead Burner do?

Burns together lead and lead-alloy connections and builds up storage-battery parts, using oxyacetylene torch and lead bar: Ignites torch, observes color of flame, and turns handwheel or valve to regulate flow of gas and air to obtain flame of specified temperature. Moves flame over contact points of parts to puddle metal and fuse parts, melting lead bar and adding metal when required. Seals fusion points of parts, such as straps and lugs, posts and links, intercell connecting bar, and sleeves; wires or strips connecting plates and lead forming tanks; and bars connecting dry-charge elements. Guides torch and bar to add metal and build up parts, such as battery posts, to prescribed level, using template to ensure specified height. Fills cavities or corrects malformation in lead parts. May install and remove post builders or burning dams used to position molten lead. May install assembled units and posts in mold, heat mold with torch, and brush liquid soap on mold to prevent sticking.