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Lead Burner Helper

Assist Lead Burner in preparing storage battery parts for fusing.

What does a Lead Burner Helper do?

Assists LEAD BURNER in preparing storage battery parts for fusing: Positions specified number of positive and negative plates in burning rack to ready equipment for fusing lugs to connecting straps. Places intercell connectors on assembled batteries. Places post builders over posts to aid LEAD BURNER I in adding lead to build up posts to specified levels. Removes post builders from posts after burning, using tongs. Places positive and negative post builders in separate containers. Selects burning racks according to size of plates grouped. May stamp polarity symbols on posts, using hand marking dies. May haul plates from storage to burning area, using handtruck. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title. May be known according to task performed as Intercell-Connector Placer; Post-Form Remover; Rack Loader.