Layout Technician

Write specifications to guide workers who surface or finish lenses.

What does a Layout Technician do?

Locates and marks centers, axes, and terminal points on ophthalmic lens blanks, draws reference lines, and writes specifications to guide workers who surface or finish lenses: Reads work order to ascertain lens specifications. Examines lens blank to ensure freedom from defects and to verify color and size specifications. Positions lens blank to be surfaced on protractor and marks center, direction of cylinder axis, and position of reading lens segment. Mounts lens blank to be finished in optical centering and power determining instrument and adjusts dials to align and focus target. Compares dial readings with work order to ensure lens blank has been surfaced to meet power and axis specifications. Rejects defective lenses. Depresses marking device on instrument to mark optical center and horizontal axis of lens blank. Writes specifications on lens blank to guide lens fabricating workers. May be designated according to department worked in as Bench-Lay-Out Technician; Surface-Lay-Out Technician.