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Layout Inspector

Inspect castings, forgings, or wax patterns of castings.

What does a Layout Inspector do?

Inspects castings, forgings, or wax patterns of castings for conformance to blueprints by laying out reference lines and points, and measuring dimensions, using surface plate, precision measuring instruments, and layout procedures: Analyzes blueprint and examines casting to determine reference points for layout. Applies blue pigment or whitewash to layout surface on casting, using rag or brush. Positions casting on surface plate, using parallel bars, angle plates, dial indicator, gauge blocks, V-blocks, shims, and vernier height gauge, to establish reference points for measuring. Computes layout dimensions relative to reference points, using shop mathematics. Marks and scribes reference lines and points on casting and measures dimensions, using instruments, such as micrometer, protractor, combination square, vernier height gauge, and layout machine. Records location and extent of defect in rejected casting. May inspect metal equipment used in production of casting to determine source of error.