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Layout Artist



Arrange a web page, poster, or magazine in an appealing manner.

What does a Layout Artist do?

A Layout Artist designs how text and images are visually presented. You work on all sorts of printed and digital communications, such as websites, magazines, and posters.

Your job as a Layout Artist is to arrange materials so they are attractive and accessible. You do this through manipulating all pieces of a given layout to figure out how each individual piece looks best (would this photo look better in black and white?), and how the pieces combine as a visual whole (these photos need to be spread apart or that side will be saturated in pink). These manipulations are done through computer programs, so you need strong skills in graphic software programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop if you want to be a successful Layout Artist.

Day to day tasks center on formatting and structuring different pieces of your project. You might be choosing an image that represents Florida, deciding what font is easy to read from twenty feet away, or moving the shapes of your graphics and text blocks around like puzzle pieces in search of that perfect arrangement.

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