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Provide legal advice or courtroom guidance to your clients.

Salary Range

$78,130 - $178,480

What does a Lawyer do?

Lawyers are highly educated thinkers that interpret abstract theories and governmental rules in order to deliver justice. As a lawyer you connect written law with its practical application for the public.

Generally your duties are split between representing clients in court and advising them on legal matters, their rights, and strategies for dealing with issues they face. Specific duties depend on what area of law you decide to specialize in.

If you like to talk, argue and make speeches, you might decide to become a criminal lawyer and litigate (argue) cases before a judge and jury. If your personality is more low key, you can still be a lawyer and never have to shout “Objection!” when another attorney asks your witness an argumentative question. Instead, you can pursue a career in elder law, for example, and spend your time helping aging clients prepare wills and distribute their assets most effectively among their dependents.

If you can’t decide what type of law to specialize in, you can consider what kind of legal environment you will enjoy working in the most. Lawyers can find work in the public sector which includes government agencies and departments; the private sector, which can vary from small firms with just a handful of attorneys to mega firms with over 100; the corporate sector, which includes work solely in corporations and businesses; or the nonprofit sector, which is comprised of organizations aimed at creating social change and delivering low-cost legal services to those in need.

Even though the job of lawyer is well known, it isn’t widely realized just how vast the field of law is. The law touches almost all aspects of our society. So once you become a lawyer, your career options in the field of law are virtually limitless.

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