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Laundry Worker

Wash, dry, and fold laundry for customers.

What does a Laundry Worker do?

If you’ve ever come across an advertisement for a laundromat that says, “Wash, Dry, Fold,” well, that basically describes your daily routine as a Laundry Worker. You wash, dry, and fold laundry for clients, and repeat the process as new batches come in.

The type of clients you get can vary when you’re a Laundry Worker. You might do the laundry of someone who either doesn’t have time to do it or finds it a pesky chore. Or you might work for a company that produces such a large amount of laundry that outsourcing the task turns out to be more cost-effective. Examples of organizations that hire laundry services include prisons, hospitals, gyms, or spas. No matter who you work for though, your activities are basically the same from day to day as a Laundry Worker.

You start with a new load of dirty laundry, sorting it based on color, type of fabric, or any other way your client wants. Then you load the sorted laundry into washing machines and pick the settings, from cold to hot, big load to small. You add soap, starch, or bleach, depending on the types of dirt you’re dealing with. Then you start everything spinning.

When the washer stops, you place the laundry into a machine known as an extractor, which removes excess water by spinning very quickly. After this step, it’s time for the dryer. Once the laundry is completely dry, you remove it. Then you iron (if necessary) before folding the finished pieces.

The life of a Laundry Worker is hard work. Expect long hours in hot rooms filled with steam, and lots of time on your feet. You also often have to wear protective gear, like rubber gloves or paper masks, in order to keep yourself safe from diseases. That being said, it’s a decent job, and one that absolutely needs to get done. After all, no one can live without clean clothes!