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Laundry Tub Maker

Form tubs using molds.

What does a Laundry Tub Maker do?

Forms tubs, using molds: Places wooden bottom section of mold on raised assembly-line track by hand. Sets core in position on bottom mold section and places metal rim around base. Fastens end and side sections of wooden mold together around core and to bottom section, using clamps and bolts. Binds assembled mold sections together with metal band, using ratchet-lever banding device and crimping pliers. Mixes concrete according to standard formula. Dumps concrete into wheelbarrow and pushes it to prepared molds. Shovels wet concrete into mold and tamps concrete, using tamper. Pushes metal drain fitting through wet concrete against core, or places drain fitting in core before shoveling concrete into mold. Smooths top of concrete, using trowel. Disassembles mold from partially cured casting and sprays completed tub with calcimine. May clean and oil mold sections. May crate finished tubs for shipment.