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Laundry Machine Mechanic

Repair and maintain laundry equipment.

What does a Laundry Machine Mechanic do?

Repairs and maintains washers, driers, extractors, condensers, pumps, blowers, presses, and other laundry equipment: Operates, examines, and dismantles equipment to diagnose cause of malfunction. Repairs or replaces parts, using handtools and measuring instruments. Replaces components, such as bearings, motors, and microswitches. Replaces faulty sections of pipe, valves, and fittings, using plumbing tools. Dismantles steam traps and removes sediment. Removes faceplate from equipment to clean out dust and lint. Replaces worn or torn aprons, roll covers, and pads on mangles. Lubricates machines and equipment, using grease gun and oilcans. May order spare parts.