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Latin Teacher

Help students master the Latin language.

What does a Latin Teacher do?

If the phrase “apudne te vel me” means anything to you, then you might want to consider becoming a Latin Teacher. Latin Teachers are Foreign Language Teachers who spend their days instructing students on the different verbs, tenses, and vocabulary of this ancient language.

Latin is considered a dead language, which just means that there are no native speakers anywhere in the world. That being said, it is also considered the root of all romance languages. Being the basis for French, Spanish, and Italian (among other languages), it is pretty important. It even occasionally pops up in English with words like “agenda” or “alibi.”

As a Latin Teacher, you work with students in high schools, community colleges, or universities. Though this is an important language, you should know that its popularity is dropping. Consequently, there are fewer jobs to be found, and those that still exist are usually found in college classrooms. This means you need more education because you handle older students with a higher lever of skill.

You use different assignments, games, books, and tests to teach your students the basics of the language. You might play word association games, create vocab flashcards, or assign verb conjugation assignments. One day might be spent on pronunciation, and another on sentence structure.

In short, you pass on your mastery of the language to your students. By the time you’re all done, they will hopefully be almost as good as (if not equal to) you in speaking, reading, and writing Latin.