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Latex Ribbon Machine Operator

Operate machines to produce and cure latex ribbon and thread.

What does a Latex Ribbon Machine Operator do?

Operates machine to produce and cure latex ribbon and thread used for such items as elastic and garters: Moves drums of liquid latex and coagulant to dip trays, using hoist. Opens petcock on drums and adjusts flow to regulate level of coagulant in trays. Positions number of dip belts, according to gauge of finished latex ribbon or thread, over belt spindles. Starts equipment to activate dip belts and conveyor system. Observes belts as they float on top of latex in tray and through coagulant to verify cohesion of latex to dip belts. Observes separation of coagulated ribbon or thread from bottom of dip belt to conveyor carrying ribbon or thread through rinsing and drying areas. Inspects ribbon and thread for such defects as holes and dried coagulant. Threads end of ribbon or thread through guides leading to curing drum. Cuts, weighs, and examines samples, to verify adherence to specifications, using scissors, scale, and gauge. Inspects and sharpens circular knives with stone. When producing thread, may be designated Latex-Thread-Machine Operator; Thread-Machine Operator.