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Laser Technician

Use laser technology in cosmetology.

What does a Laser Technician do?

Laser technicians are professionals who work in the field of medical beauty and aesthetics. You’ll work to enhance the beauty of your clients. You perform laser treatments such as lightening skin, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, hair removal and tightening, vein therapy, and other cosmetic procedures.

As a laser technician, you work in laser centers, spas, dermatologist offices, plastic surgeons, or ophthalmologists. When you are performing laser therapy, you need to give attention to the safety of your patients.

A laser technician requires in-depth knowledge of skin care and aesthetic, basic computer knowledge, and specialization in using and operating laser equipment. You need to have the ability to stand for a long time, dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and analytical skills.

To become a laser technician, you will have to join training programs that help you learn about cosmetic laser technology. These programs take about a year or two to complete, provided you are strong in mathematics, physics, and understand the basics of engineering. To be a practitioner, you need to obtain a professional license which varies from country to country.