Lard Bleacher

Tend equipment that bleach and filter unrefined lard or edible oil.

What does a Lard Bleacher do?

Tends equipment that bleaches and filters unrefined lard or edible oil: Starts pumps to draw unrefined material from storage tank into bleaching kettle. Dumps prescribed amount of fuller’s earth into kettle to absorb impurities in material. Starts agitators to mix materials. Turns valves to allow steam or cool water to circulate through bleacher coils to heat or cool material to specified temperature. Draws sample of material for laboratory analysis. Dumps additional fuller’s earth in kettle as directed. Inserts new filter cloths on filter plates. Starts pumps to draw material from bleaching kettle and force it through filter-press. Starts pumps to drain bleached and filtered material from filter-press tank into storage tank.