Trim bushes, plant flowers, and mow lawns to keep outdoor landscapes clean.

What does a Landscaper do?

A well-manicured lawn and brimming flowerbeds are points of pride for many homes and businesses. But what do people do when they want a good-looking yard, but don’t have the time to fix it? They hire you, the Landscaper.

As a Landscaper, you spend your days cutting grass, clearing walkways, planting roses, and trimming bushes. You can be hired by any number of people or organizations. Public parks, college campuses, business offices, and private homes all use the services of a Landscaper.

Wherever you work though, the most important thing to do is figure out what sort of look your client wants for their yard or outdoor space. You get specific directions from your client, such as, “Plant flowers along the road,” or “Don’t trim the bushes to look like bunnies.” You follow these directions to keep your client happy and to make their vision a reality. Sometimes though, you meet clients who give you more creative freedom. They let you decide where to put certain plants, or even put you in charge of the entire creative process.

Even when you create the overall design for a yard though, you still have to take care of basic responsibilities. These include watering and mowing the grass, trimming trees and bushes, and shoveling snow or raking leaves, depending on the season. You use a number of tools, like rakes, mowers, or leaf blowers, to keep a lawn looking neat, and it’s also your job to keep these tools in good working order.