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Landscape Technician

Ensure hedges and grass is cut in private gardens, resorts, and spas.

What does a Landscape Technician do?

When you drive down the street, do you notice the perfectly green, evenly mowed lawns that look like they belong on the cover of a magazine? You know the ones, with the neatly pruned rose bushes lining one side, pots overflowing with colorful blooms on the front porch, and manicured shrubs symmetrically aligned under the windows.

If you see art every time you look at a beautiful garden, then a job as a Landscape Technician might be for you: You maintain the entire landscape on a property. Sometimes, the job is a residential yard, and other times, it’s a county park. You might also be responsible for public gardens, golf courses, school grounds, or the courthouse lawn when you’re a Landscape Technician.

Big or small, your work is a source of pride as a Landscape Technician. You fertilize, aerate, thatch, and mow lawns to keep them looking green and healthy. You also prune fruit trees, shrubs, and plants. Additionally, you look for diseases or bug-related problems; plant bulbs, flowers, herbs, and bushes; and load up and haul away lawn clippings and other yard debris.

You typically move from one job to another. After all, a lawn can’t come to you, so you keep your tools, lawn mower, gloves, and other supplies handy as you move from place to place. At the end of the day, your skin is sun-kissed, your hands fatigued from physical labor, and your pockets lined with bark dust. But you have a contented smile, earned through a job well done.