Landscape Laborer

Perform related duties to assist Landscape Gardener.

What does a Landscape Laborer do?

Moves soil, equipment, and materials, digs holes, and performs related duties to assist LANDSCAPE GARDENER 408.161-010 in landscaping grounds: Digs holes for plants and trees, using pick and shovel. Mixes fertilizer or lime with dirt in bottom of holes to enrich soil, places plants or trees in holes, and adds dirt to fill holes. Attaches wires from planted trees to stakes to support trees. Hauls or spreads topsoil, using wheelbarrow and rake. Waters lawns, trees, and plants, using portable sprinkler system, hose, or watering can. Spreads straw over seeded soil to prevent movement of seed and soil. Builds forms for concrete borders, using lumber, hammer, and nails. Mixes and pours cement for garden borders. Places decorative stones and plants flowers in garden areas. Mows lawns, using power mower.