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Landscape Architecture Professor

Teach university students about landscape architecture.

What does a Landscape Architecture Professor do?

Designing a park might seem like an easy task. But the Landscape Architect designing that park must know something about botany, geology, architecture, ecology, zoning, and sustainability. Now that doesn’t seem so easy, does it? Good thing there are Landscape Architecture Professors to teach aspiring Landscape Architects that knowledge.

As a Landscape Architecture Professor, you may teach overview courses about landscape architecture to very new students who haven’t quite decided what they want to be when they grow up. Your job as a Landscape Architecture Professor, is to work as a Cheerleader for the profession, teaching students about the fun they can have in the wild world of landscape architecture. You pepper your lectures with slides of parks, discuss famous Landscape Architects, and talk about the history of the profession. Then you test your students at the end of the course, and provide each of them with a grade.

Alternatively, you may teach specialized courses in one aspect of landscape architecture to advanced students. You choose a book for the students to read, then talk to the class about the lessons in the book. You ask the students to write papers and take tests, which you grade afterwards. At the end of the class, you give each student a final grade.

Outside the classroom, you may take on landscape architecture projects. You may work for your school on a small project, for example, or you may consult on a larger project in the city you live in. You’re innovative and bold in your work, trying to call national attention to yourself and your projects. To do this, you may do research on an aspect of landscape architecture and farm your paper to prominent journals, hoping it will be published.