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Landfill Gas Collection Operator

Remove methane and carbon dioxide from landfills.

What does a Landfill Gas Collection Operator do?

A Landfill Gas Collection Operator’s job is to remove gas such as methane and carbon dioxide from a landfill like a Dentist removing a cavity. You see, landfills aren’t barren graveyards like most people think. Just because they’re filled with things that have been discarded, tossed, thrown away, and used doesn’t mean they’re dead. In reality, they’re very much alive with gas!

It’s simple: If you’ve ever wondered why landfills smell so bad, it’s because the waste inside them (dumped by Garbage Collectors) is being broken down and eaten by hungry bacteria, which produce noxious gas as a byproduct of their consumption. Left unchecked, landfill gas can cause fires and explosions, contaminate groundwater and soil, and infiltrate the air, where it harms the ozone layer and contributes to climate change.

When you’re a Landfill Gas Collection Operator, therefore, you help protect both people and the planet by removing that gas.

You start the process by tracking landfill gas levels using special instruments. When levels get too high, you collaborate with Landfill Gas Technicians to collect the gas using a landfill gas collection system. That system consists of a series of wells drilled into the trash, where gas collects and is pumped through a pipeline to a landfill gas plant. There, a Landfill Operator can get rid of it, either by burning it or by using it to generate heat or electricity.

As a Landfill Gas Collection Operator, you operate, manage, and maintain that landfill gas collection system. By monitoring landfill gas, you succeed at throwing away the garbage’s garbage!