Land Surveyor Manager

Ensure that the records of your land surveying team are accurate.

What does a Land Surveyor Manager do?

Land Surveyor Managers perform the same duties as Land Surveyors, but take them one step further. Using your years of experience documenting property boundaries and topographical features, as well as measuring land masses, you, as the Land Surveyor Manager, oversee crews of Land Surveyors and help them do their best work. You are even legally responsible for the content of the reports created by Land Surveyors under your wings.

In addition to normal Land Surveyor duties, you evaluate new tools, software, and procedures, and decide which ones will save your employees time, or allow them to produce more accurate measurements. Once their work is done, as the Land Surveyor Manager, you certify completed work to ensure it jibes with legal policy. When legal disputes arise, you will also testify in court as to where legal boundary lines exist, and what your company’s methods are for identifying those borders.

The managerial part of your job will find you setting schedules and hiring new employees. A strong team needs guidance, and you provide that guidance by creating a system of rules and practices that every employee must follow. Budgeting will also be part of your duties, so it is vital that you have a firm grasp on necessary expenses, and when spending money will benefit your company in the long term.

Land Surveyor Managers have a lot on their plates, which at times seem as heavy as the tectonic plates that shape the Earth. But that’s okay because you are a natural. You make it look easy because you’ve been in the trenches, sometimes literally, and you’ve paid your dues to get to this point.