Land Surveying Manager

Plan, direct, and coordinate work of survey parties and related staff.

What does a Land Surveying Manager do?

Plans, directs, and coordinates work of survey parties, and related staff, engaged in surveying earth’s surface and preparing reports and legal descriptions of land: Develops organization policy or interprets it to staff. Prepares or approves budget for unit or organization within assigned area of responsibility. Coordinates work of LAND SURVEYOR with that of legal, engineering, architectural, and other staff on project. Directs survey parties and projects, and reviews and certifies completed work to satisfy legal requirements. Writes or directs the writing of descriptions of land to satisfy legal requirements according to standard surveying practices. Appears as expert witness in court in cases involving land or boundary disputes. Monitors new technology, and evaluates and purchases or authorizes purchase of new equipment and supplies. Selects new staff for employment and takes disciplinary action when necessary. Assumes legal responsibility for work performed and is licensed by state.