Land Development Manager

Coordinate activities of land development company.

What does a Land Development Manager do?

Coordinates activities of land development company and negotiates with representatives of real estate, private enterprise and industrial organizations, and community leaders to acquire and develop land: Supervises staff engaged in such activities as preparing appraisal reports on available land, preparing feasibility studies, showing availability and quality of water resources, mineral deposits, electric power, and labor supply. Prepares or directs preparation of statistical abstracts to reveal trends in tax rates in given communities, and proportion of total work force having specified skills. Plans, oversees, and directs activities of field staff engaged in sampling mineral deposits, surveying land boundaries, and testing water supply to determine optimum usage of land. Negotiates with community, business, and public utility representatives to eliminate obstacles to land purchase, development, sale, or lease. Negotiates mortgage loans. Directs collection and auditing of funds from sale or lease of property. May perform duties of REAL-ESTATE AGENT 186.117-058. May cooperate with representatives of public utilities, universities, and other groups to coordinate research activities. May work for railroad and specialize in industrial development and be designated Manager, Industrial Development. May work for government and be designated Property Manager.