Lamp Shade Assembler

Perform tasks involved in the assembly of lampshades and lampshade collars.

What does a Lamp Shade Assembler do?

Performs any combination of tasks involved in assembly of lampshades and lampshade collars: Applies glue to edges of shade fabric and backs of shade attachments, such as collars, ornaments, and trimmings. Folds glued edges of fabric around wire frame, and presses attachments onto fabric. Secures shade to frame by stringing cord through shade perforations and lacing cord around frame rings. Tapes edges of parchment shades to prevent tearing of parchment. Places pattern over shade skirt, marks points of attachment on skirt, and staples skirt to shade. Rubs various colored paints on inner and outer surfaces of paper and parchment shades to produce antique finish, using rubber sponge. May heat seams in press to set glue.