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Lamination Assembler

Stack, align, and secure metal laminations and insulating separator.

What does a Lamination Assembler do?

Stacks, aligns, and secures metal laminations and insulating separators, to assemble laminated cores for electrical parts, such as commutators, coils, armatures, and stators, according to specifications, using either of following methods: Places core laminations and separators into holding device of machine. Starts machine that automatically measures and stacks specified quantity of laminations for each core and inserts separators between laminations. Unloads laminations from machine, and secures laminations using tape or other material. Stacks specified quantity of laminations in holding fixture. Squeezes stack, manually, or presses laminations together in vise or press to reduce kinks or bulges. Measures stack, using rule, and adds or removes laminations and separators to obtain specified dimensions. Aligns edges of laminations, using hammer, and secures laminations, using rubber wrapping material. May place stack of lamination cores into machine that automatically welds laminations into individual cores. May be designated according to method used or type of core assembled as Lamination Stacker, Hand; Lamination Stacker, Machine; Transformer-Core Assembler.