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Laminating Machine Tender

Tend machines that combine two continuous sheets of material.

What does a Laminating Machine Tender do?

Tends machine that combines two continuous sheets of material, such as rubber, sponge rubber, fabric, felt, or fleece, working as team member: Transfers rolls of material to and from machine, using handtruck, and lifts or hoists rolls into cradles, using chain hoist. Threads ends of cemented and noncemented materials over feed rollers, between combining rollers, and onto single takeup roll. Turns wheels or capstan bolts to set pressure of combining rolls by trial and error to produce complete adhesion of both materials. Starts machine and moves lever to engage clutch and start material winding. Leans against one rotating roll of material to control tension and pulls or feeds edge to align it with other roll, while other worker controls tension and aligns material on opposite end of roll. Stops winding when either feeder roll is empty and cuts off other roll of material to match length, using scissors. Tapes ends of unused material, reads yardage indicator, and marks amount left on roll.