Laminating Machine Operator

Operate ranges to laminate materials.

What does a Laminating Machine Operator do?

Operates range to laminate materials, such as cloth, carpeting, felt, and foam rubber: Mounts roll of felt or foam rubber on machine brackets. Pushes truck of cloth into feeding position. Sews cloth and felt or foam rubber to leader using portable sewing machine, or threads layers of materials through range unit guides and rollers. Turns dials and handwheels to adjust blade that spreads predetermined quantity of adhesive onto cloth, regulate heat lamps and speed of laminating rollers, or to adjust tenter frame according to width of materials. Turns valve to admit steam into drying cans or steam pipes and starts range. Aligns cloth entering machine and observes fabrics to detect wrinkles and holes. Patches holes with masking tape and smooths wrinkles by hand. May apply adhesive to material with trowel or dipper. May work as member of team to guide cloth into range.