Ladle Liner

Repair and reline ladles used to transport and pour molten metals.

What does a Ladle Liner do?

Repairs and relines ladles used to transport and pour molten metals: Chips slag from interior lining of ladle, using hammer and chisel. Mixes sand, clay, and water, using shovel to form refractory clay mud. Patches lining where cracked or worn by covering lining with refractory clay and tamping it in place. Chips out entire lining when beyond repair, using hammer and chisel. Relines ladle with refractory clay, using trowel. Dries and bakes new lining by placing inverted ladle over burner, building fire in ladle, or by using blowtorch. Relines and shapes pouring spouts of ladles with fire clay. May reline ladles with refractory brick. May make stoppers for stopper-type ladle. May brush graphite facing on lining.