Lactation Consultant

Assist new mothers and babies with any breastfeeding questions or problems.

What does a Lactation Consultant do?

Becoming a mother, whether for the first time or the tenth, is blissfully stressful. There are so many things that a mother is completely unprepared for. Thank goodness she can depend on you, the Lactation Consultant, for guidance on one of the most basic, yet overwhelming, responsibilities a new mom has-breastfeeding.

The glam of Hollywood, and even those simplistic prenatal videos, represent breastfeeding as a natural thing that any mother can do effortlessly, much like talking or breathing. In reality, any mother can tell you that it is anything but easy and a Lactation Consultant is there to help with their concerns. Mom feels the stress of being the only source of food for her baby, and baby is still learning the ropes too. Often the result is a baby who is irritated and hungry, and a mom who is exhausted, frustrated, and sore.

To make the process smoother, as a Lactation Consultant, you work at a hospital, clinic, or Doctor ‘s office, or make house calls to help baby and mother get more enjoyment out of the experience. You are available shortly after the baby is born to educate the mom about proper latching, suckling, and positioning. In short, you work with both the mother and the baby to teach them how to nurse.

Sometimes, mom and baby do everything right, but mom doesn’t produce enough milk or baby fails to gain weight. During these times, you offer support, options, and advise. Because of this, you are a valuable resource for new moms who often don’t know where to turn for help.