Lacrosse Coach

Whip your lacrosse team into shape.

What does a Lacrosse Coach do?

A lacrosse game involves a stick, a ball, and a lot of running. Players jockey for position and toss the ball back and forth, hoping to shoot it into the net and score for the win. A Lacrosse Coach puts together a winning team and teaches the Athletes how to play the game.

Until the late 1980s, professional lacrosse teams were relatively rare. As a professional Lacrosse Coach, you’re expected to help promote the sport and draw more people to buy tickets, watch the game, and spend money on your team’s trinkets. Giving interviews, making appearances at schools, and writing articles are all great ways to spread the word, and you perform all of these activities during the off season as a Lacrosse Coach.

A winning team is made up of winning players, and Lacrosse Coaches work closely with Sports Recruiters to find new Players and entice them to join. You review tapes of games and read newspapers to find young talents, and you fly to meet them and talk up your team. The Recruiter then makes the formal deal.

When your team is complete, you work with an Assistant Coach to create a training program. Sometimes, you develop new plays , and you ask the Assistant Coach to force the team to practice the plays over and over.

On game day, you pace the sidelines and gnash your teeth with worry. Often, you make replacements in the lineup, pulling out tired Players and replacing them with fresh ones. Motivating the team with your rousing words of encouragement may also help you win.