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Laboratory Sample Carrier

Collect samples of products or raw materials for laboratory analysis.

What does a Laboratory Sample Carrier do?

Collects samples of products or raw materials for laboratory analysis, performing any combination of following tasks: Turns valves or dips sample container to transfer liquid samples from pipeline, processing equipment, tanks, or other vessels to test tubes, bottles, or buckets. Transfers dry samples, such as ore, grain, crystals, powder, or granular material to containers, using shovel, hand scoop, sample stick, or handtool. Labels sample containers with identifying data, location of sample, and time collected. Delivers samples to laboratory for analysis. Cleans sample containers, using specified cleaning agents and brushes or scrapers. Gathers samples at specified locations, stages of processing, and time interval. May collect samples of radioactive waste, following prescribed safety procedures, and be designated Sampler, Radioactive Waste.