Laboratory Manager

Manage the operations of a laboratory.

What does a Laboratory Manager do?

As a laboratory manager, you’re responsible for the overall safety, as well as the day-to-day activities, of the lab. You’re in charge of the equipment, staff, materials, and software located in the lab. Your first concern is safety, so you ensure that the employees follow safety regulations. You explain safety procedures and teach the employees how to use lab instruments. Additionally, you maintain an inventory of all the chemicals, reagents, and supplies and ensure that they are readily available. The smooth and efficient running of the lab is your priority.

Management skills are required for this job, as you have to plan and manage budgets, timelines, and multiple projects. You have to organize and assign work and supervise your employees. Interpersonal skills and good communication skills are essential to avoid conflicts and to make the most of team meetings and discussions. Companies prefer lab managers with a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience. Often, lab managers are promoted from the technical staff.